Painting is a decision making process. You take whatever skills you have learned and determine how you’re going to make art


Since her first one-person show in 1988, Susan Snodgrass has been striving to interpret her ideas through a multitude of mediums including watercolor, pastel, acrylic, pencil, charcoal and oil. She has endeavored to express herself through a wide range of subject matter from still life studies, to landscapes, to complicated narrative paintings.


Being highly skilled in a medium is not an end in itself, but is necessary for ease of expression and communication through art.


Through a lifetime of involvement in various aspects of the arts such as theater, music and dance, and having participated in juried competitions where she has garnered many awards for her paintings, Susan discovered that she is willing to do the work necessary to be a successful visual artists.

After spending her youth in the Pacific Northwest, Snodgrass moved East, living in Michigan, massachusetts and maryland, where she earned a BS from Towson State College in Baltimore, before returning to the West and settling in Colorado in 1997.

In addition to exhibiting her vibrant and diverse canvases throughout the country, Susan has taught art, serves on the Board of Directors of the Gilpin County Arts Association, and Maintains affiliations with numerous art guilds and associations.